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Klinipharm - eleana marine


Precious natural collagen and appealing extracts from marine sponges invigorate your skin. Discover eleana marine – a novel anti-aging mechanism based on the healing properties of marine flora.

– Lifts and energizes your skin
– Reduces wrinkles
– For every skin type, including irritated skin
– Contains marine-based collagen and hyaluronic acid


Discover eleana olive – a natural moisturizing skin care with the power of the Mediterranean sun. Exquisite olive-based ingredients protect and nourish the skin.

– Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
– Hydrating and nourishing
– Shields from free radicals
– Replenishes dry and sensitive skin

Klinipharm - eleana olive
Klinipharm - SpongiCol


With the development of SpongiCol® products, formulations of enteric coated lecithin combined with patented collagen from sea sponges, KliniPharm has presented an innovative concept for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. The preparations release their components specifically in the vicinity of the colon, adhere directly to the inflamed tissue, cover the lesions with a protective film and thus accelerate the healing process.


In the Spongi® preparations we have implemented our patented colon targeting technology for a range of food supplements, o.a. metabolic products of a physiological intestinal flora. The colla- gen of the edible sea sponge Chondrosia reniformis envelops the ingredients, makes them enteric-resistant and, together with the phospholipids of lecithin, ensures their release in the large intes- tine by forming a film on the colon’s mucous membrane.

Boswellia Spongi® is the first product marketed now. There are more in our pipe line and will be marketed successively.

Klinipharm - Spongi