SpongiCol Collagen-Lecithin Granulate (250g)



SpongiCol®-Collagen-Lecithin Granulate, enterically coated nutraceutical for intestinal health

Ingredient list: Soy lecithin (99,9%; non-GMO, contains 30% phosphatidylcholine), marine sponge collagen (0,1%, derived from Chondrosia ren.), neutralizing agent (phosphate buffer), enteric-coating agent (marine sponge collagen)

Contains potential allergens: Soy lecithin

Storage recommendations: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children. Reseal container after opening and consume within eight weeks of opening.

Suggested use: Adults are recommended to take 1-2 SpongiCol capsules 3 times daily at least 1 hour before or two hours after a meal. Pediatric use: consult with a doctor. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Nutraceuticals are not a substitute for a balanced diet.

4 reviews for SpongiCol Collagen-Lecithin Granulate (250g)

  1. Online Buyer

    I have been free of complaints since I started taking SpongiCol®!
    “I want to buy SpongiCol® capsules again. I have been free of complaints since I started taking them and I fervently hope the same for my daughter.”

  2. Online Buyer

    The date for the colectomy was cancelled!
    “Already after one week of 3 x 2 SpongiCol® capsules the symptoms improved so significantly that the date for the colectomy was cancelled.”

  3. Online Buyer

    I’m doing splendidly. I continue to take 3 x 3g of lecithin daily.
    “For 17 years I had severe complaints and side effects of the medication. The SpongiCol Lecithin has put me in remission and I feel like a new man. I am not tired at all anymore, I feel super fit, I can jog again without any problems for a long time without having any issues, my hair is growing, my skin has become great, I could give the world a big hug! Many thanks to you and your team for the development of SpongiCol®!”

  4. Online Buyer

    Dear KliniPharm Team,

    I would like to thank you very much for the SpongiCol shipment! One of my daughters also has CU like me, and I always take care of her at the same time.

    In spite of diagnosed histological pancolitis and some severe relapses in the past which made everyday life very difficult, I have been practically free of symptoms for years now – thanks to your wonderful remedy, the lecithin and phosphatidylcholine in it. You are welcome to quote me.

    In combination with this, I take the probiotocum Mutaflor, i.e. intestinal bacteria ‘Nissle 1917’, and I can highly recommend both, gladly also to pass them on to fellow sufferers.


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